Pink & Orange Floral Paisley Cotton Bandana

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Pink & Orange Floral Paisley Cotton Bandana

When it comes to accessories for men and women, the pink & orange floral paisley bandana is a classic and timeless fashion statement. Our simple yet versatile pink & orange paisley cotton bandana is perfect for adding a stylish edge to any look. So, whether you’re attending a festival, meeting up with friends on the weekend, or heading to a smart casual event, our Shyface bandanas can make an excellent addition to your outfit. With more and more high-end fashion designers hopping on the bandwagon of bandanas, there’s no reason why you can’t join in too!

How To Wear A Bandana

There are multiple ways in which you can wear a pink & orange floral paisley bandana, such as a handkerchief, a mask, a headscarf, a neckerchief, a beanie, a headband, a hairband, a wristband, means of carrying a bundle of goods, a bandage or even as a sling! The list goes on, no matter how you wear or use a bandana, it can deliver a stylish appearance or means of use. 

Materials and Size

Our pink & orange paisley bandana is made from 100% cotton, which is one of the most skin-friendly fabrics available. All our bandanas come in one-size, 55cm x 55cm. Looking for a different colour? See our full range of paisley bandanas here.

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Pink & Orange Floral Paisley Cotton Bandana

When it comes to accessories for men and women, the bandana is a classic and timeless fashion statement. Our simple yet versatile cotton bandanas are perfect for adding a stylish edge to any look.


100% Cotton


Width: 55cm x Height: 55cm

Product care

Machine wash cold with like colors, line or tumble dry, warm iron, do not bleach



Bandana 100% Cotton Support - Mens & Womens Bandanas - UK Shyface Bandana

How To Wear

The Pink & Orange Floral Paisley Cotton Bandana has established itself as an accessory that showed strength, rebelliousness, and versatility. Since then, it has been worn by rock stars, hippies, actors, and motorcyclists to denote their beliefs, fashion tastes and affiliations. Today, the cotton bandana is a versatile accessory and adds a stylish edge to any outfit.

There are multi ways of wearing a Pink & Orange Floral Paisley Cotton Bandana such as, around your head, neck, wrist, waist and in your hair. However, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing or using a cotton bandana. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, road tripping or taking a quick trip to the gym, bandanas are a great item to have on hand.

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100% Cotton Bandanas

Straight from the cotton plant to our bandana material, we, at Shyface, are proud to sell authentic and 100% cotton bandanas. With quality being one of our key values as a business, we’re proud to guarantee only the best for our customers.

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Bandana 100% Cotton Material - Mens & Womens Bandanas - UK Shyface Bandana

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Bandana 100% Cotton Support - Mens & Womens Bandanas - UK Shyface Bandana
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Shyface Bandanas

Bandanas are a perfect for making a fashion statement. You can wear them to express your personality, and you can be confident in your appearance. The red paisley bandana is a great way to add some colour and pattern to your look. Although it's not as popular as it used to be, wearing a bandana is still a popular trend. It's practical because it keeps your neck warm in the winter, but also looks stylish when worn around the neck or on your wrist.

There are many different types of bandanas available, including solid colours and paisleys. You can tie them around your neck, wear them like a headband, or even use them as napkins! Wearing a bandana allows people to express themselves with their clothing choices while also making a statement about their personality.

You may be thinking: "I don't wear bandanas." But that's because you haven't tried one yet! Bandanas come in all kinds of colours and patterns—you can even find them with prints on both sides. We have a large selection of bandanas at Shyface, so you'll definitely find something you like. Or check out some of our other products: Black paisley bandana.

Wearing a bandana is easy—you can tie it around your neck or wear it as an accessory pinned to your shirt or jacket. Just fold the bandana into an X shape, then slip it over your head like a headband. You can also wrap it around your wrist or ankle as an accent piece for any outfit! You might be wondering what makes these bandanas special? It's simple: they're made from 100% cotton! This means that no matter what type of bandana you choose, it will feel soft against your skin and absorb moisture from sweat without becoming clingy or uncomfortable.

Bandanas make a statement about who you are as an individual because they allow you to express yourself through fashion without having to spend any money on expensive clothing or accessories (which can really add up!). They're also practical because they keep dust out of your hair when working outside or riding bikes; keep bugs out of your face when camping; protect skin from sunburns while hiking; protect necks from chafing when riding horses; protect mouths when breathing through masks during air travel; keep flies away from eyes while hunting; and keep dirt off faces while playing sports.