How to Wear

If you’re new to the bandana gang (welcome!), or you’re wanting inspiration for your next look, then check out these cool tutorials below. Each section includes detailed tips for how to style your cotton bandana. We’ve even included a dedicated pup section for your furry friends' next fashion accessory!

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Bandana into a Beanie

This style can take some practice to get right but looks killer when you master it. If you have hair long enough to tie back, then tie it in a tight bun at the nape of your neck. Tie bandana around your head, tucking the ends under the knot to ensure that your head is completely covered. Another option is to use a small elastic band to secure the knot tightly, and then tuck it under.

Bandana into a Mask

A face shield is an essential accessory in 2022, and a cotton bandana is a great way to create a comfortable face shield that will keep you and others protected whilst adding the finishing touch to your outfit. Simply fold your Shyface bandana diagonally to form a triangle and tie it around the back of your head for a loose, breathable face shield. It’s a great way to stay safe, but with a more stylish look than many of the face masks on the market.

To create a more compact face shield for additional protection, lay the bandana out flat in front of you with a corner pointing to you, and the opposite side away from you. Next, fold the top corner into the centre, and the bottom corner up to meet it. Then continue to fold the top and bottom into the middle until it is just the right “thickness” to cover from your nose down to your chin. Then simply tie around the back of your head as usual.

Bandana into a Headband

Wearing your cotton bandana as a headband is another popular way to style this bandana. So, what are some of the best ways to style them as a headband?

Headband – Instead of tying the bandana behind your ears, place it on your forehead. Hold it in place in line with your eyebrows and tie it behind your head. A popular festival look, the bandana headband can help absorb sweat, keep long hair from sticking to your forehead, and even help shield your eyes from a little of the sun’s glare. It’s also a great way to inject a splash of colour into any look!

Bow Headband – This look is great for hair of any length if you want your look to be a little more feminine. Fold the bandana in half at the points, forming a triangle. Fold your bandana down towards the point and when you near the end, tuck the point underneath the folds and fold it over again. Wrap the cotton bandana around your head, bringing the two ends up to the top and tying it in a double knot. Leave the material ends loose to form a bow shape.

Bandana into a Ponytail

Bandanas also make the perfect accessory to any up-do. Just tie your cotton bandana around a low or high ponytail or bun to instantly upgrade your look. Either wrap the bandana around your hair multiple times for a more traditional hairband or tie it around just once to leave long ends for a glamorous, Parisian style.

Bandana into a Neckerchief

Bandanas aren’t only made to be worn on your head you know! Why not wear your bandana as a neck band to add a pop of colour or pattern to your outfit, or simply to keep your neck warm on cooler days?

Fold your cotton bandana into a wide band and tie it around the back of your neck or fold it into a thinner band and knot to the side for a vintage 50’s look. Change up the pattern depending on the look you want: red paisley bandanas are perfect for rockabilly or 90s styles, while something like our black skull bandanas are best paired with an all-black or white outfits. Of course, experiment and find what works for you!

Bandana into a Dog Collar

We’ve all seen those adorable pictures of pups in bandanas on Instagram, but if you’re thinking about dressing up your own pup, you need to know how to do it right. Whether you want to warn other owners via a colour code system or simply give them a new look, bandanas are a great and safe way to accessorise your furry family member.

To simply tie it around your dog’s neck: Fold the bandana in half from corner to corner then from the long side, roll the bandana at your desired thickness, leaving however much of the bandana out you like. Next make sure that they can’t trip on it. Wrap the bandana around your dog’s neck, making sure there is at least a 2-finger-width between the bandana and your dog’s neck. Finally tie the bandana like a shoelace, and then do another knot on top. Make sure that it is tight and cannot slip tighter if you pull on the ends.

You can wrap it around a collar instead, if you're worried about how tight it may be. In this method, copy the method above and wrap the bandana around the collar.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a bandana and a collar, you could glue a bandana to the collar so you can cut the ends and ensure the bandana stays at the right length and tightness each time your dog wears it.