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Bandanas for Dogs

We've all seen those adorable pictures of pups in bandanas on Instagram, but if you're thinking about dressing up your own pup, you need to know how to do it right. Whether you want to warm other owners via a colour code system or simply give them a new look, bandanas are a great and safe way to accessorise your furry friend. Here's what you need to know and how to tie them correctly.


Types of Dog Bandana

you can find a few types of bandana for dogs:

  • "Human" bandanas you tie to fasten
  • Velcro-fastening dog-sized bandanas
  • Bandanas with poppers/buttons or strings you can tie
  • Bandana-look collars


Can I Use Human Bandanas on My Dog?

Yes, Provided you fold and fasten it appropriately (as we'll explain below), your dog can wear a bandana from your own collection. The only caveat here is your dog's size. A bandana will fit a small to large dog well, but will be too big and bulky for extra small dogs and potentially too small for extra large dogs.


How Can I Safely Fasten a Bandana on My Dog?

There are a few ways you can do this if you are using a cloth bandana (as opposed to one with Velcro or buttons). To simply tie it around your dog's neck:

  1. Fold the bandana in half from corner to corner
  2. From the long side, roll the bandana at your desired thickness, leaving however much of the bandana out you like. Make sure that they can't trip on it.
  3. Wrap the bandan around your dog's neck, making sure that there is at least a 2-finger-width between the bandana and your dog's neck.
  4. Tie the bandana like a shoelace, and then do another knot to top. Make sure that it is right and connot slip tighter if you pull on the ends.

If you're worried about how tight it may be, you can wrap it around a collar instead. In this method, copy the method above and wrap the bandana around the collar.

If you're willing to sacrifice a bandana and a collar, you could glue a bandana to the collar so you can cut the ends and ensure the bandana stays at the right length and tightness each time your dog wears it.


Will a Bandana Make My Dog Hot?

It depends - If you have a black dog, fastening a white or light-coloured bandan around their neck with the point toward their tail can help reflect light that makes them too hot. However, if it's a very hot day it's best to keep dogs in the shade and as cool as possible until the sun starts to set.


What Do the Different Colours of Dog Bandana and Lead Mean?

While not everyone you meet with or without a dog understands the colour code, it's well worth using if you want people to respect your dog, For exaple, a red lead can mean "caution/please give me space/danger", while a white lead means they have disability. You can use a coloured lead, collar, or bandana to give a message. The colours are:

  • Red Bandana - caution/danger/please give me space
  • Orange Bandana - I don't like other dogs
  • Yellow Bandana - I'm nervous/unpredictable/please don't pet me/give me space. A yellow bandana is also sometimes used with "adoption" for dogs looking for a new home
  • White Bandana - I'm deaf/blind
  • Green Bandana - I'm totally friendly!
  • Blue Bandana - I'm training or working, please don't distract me.

Bandana are a cute way to accessorise your furry family member, to protect them from the sun, or to let people around them know how they can better behave toward your dog.

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