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4 Top Ways to Style Your Bandana as a Headband

Bandanas are fashionable, versatile, and enhance any modern wardrobe. They are an effective way to expressing your unique fashion sense, and they're usually quite cheap and accessible!

In days gone by, the bandana's original use was as a shawl or handkerchief, which helped keep people cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Today, they are a well-love fashion statement that can take a wide variety of colours and patterns. We can use them as wristbands, neckties, face masks, sweatbands, hair ties, handkerchiefs, and more! So, what are some of the best ways to style them as a headband?


1. Alice Band

Named after the main character from the whimsical story of Alice in Wonderland, this look is simple, sweet and playful. And did we mention it's east to tie? Simply spread your bandana out on a flat surface and fold the corners into the centre. Repeat this step and then fold it one more time toward the middle. Finally, pull the hair you want to be in front of the headband forward, and push the rest back. Lay your headband over this divide and tie it at the base of your neck. Voila! A custom Alice Band.


2. Headband 

This look is just s simple as the Alice band. Here instead of tying the bandana behind your ears, place it on your forehead. A popular festival look, the bandana headband can help absorb sweat, keep long hair from sticking to your forehead, and even help shield your eyes from a little of the sun's glare. It's also a great way to inject a splash of colour into any look!


3. Bow Headband

This look is great for hair of any length if you want your look to be little more feminine. Fold the bandana in half at the points, forming a triangle. Fold Your bandana down towards the point and when you near the end, tuck your point underneath the folds and fold it over again. Wrap the bandana around your head, bringing the two ends up to the top and tying it in a double knot. Leave the material ends loose to form a bow shape.


4. 90s Era Headscarf

The 90s are back in a big way, and so we couldn't talk about ways to style your bandana without touching on the classic 90s look. Not only is it the perfect way to emphasize your 90s style or hide a bad hair day, but its super easy to style and looks effortlessly cool. simply fold your bandana in half from corner to corner and drape it over your head. You can do this right at your hairline. Then tie it under your hair at the base of your neck.


Shyface Top Picks for Hairband

so, what pattern and material should you choose? Well, the truth is you can pick anything you love! However, to help you choose, we've picked some of our favourite bandanas from our store that we think look awesome as headbands!


1. Skull & Roses Bandana Headwrap - Perfect for adding a little edge to your outfit!

2. Red Paisley Bandana Headwrap - This classic colour and style is ideal.

3. Blue Camo Bandana Headwrap - This is perfect for both masculine and feminine styles.

4. Plain Grey Bandana Headwrap - Subtle, soft and perfect for any look.

5. Red Retro Vintage Bandana Headwrap - If you're looking for a print that looks expensive and looks just right for those 90s looks, this is it!


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