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9 Ways to Use Your Bandana for Active Adventures


We all know how great bandanas look from a fashion perspective, but did you know how multi-functional they are too? This famous fashion accessory is also one of the handiest items of clothing to bring on your travels. Bandanas are comfortable, versatile, and easy to pack in a rucksack. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, road tripping or taking a quick trip to the gym, bandanas are a great item to have on hand.

Let’s explore 9 reasons why the humble bandana is so useful in almost any outdoor activity. 


1.     Keeping Your Hair Out of Your Eyes

There’s nothing more irritating than hair sticking to your forehead or getting in your eyes when you’re doing something that requires focus. Use your bandana to keep your hair out of your eyes and away from your face so you can focus on working up a sweat or enjoy your activity.


2.     For Cooling Off on a Hot Day

A bandana soaked in cool water is an absolute must on a sweltering day in July. Place your soaked bandana around your neck for a welcome refreshment and let it drip dry throughout the day (or hours, if you’re in a particularly humid country!) 


3.     For First Aid

If you’re an adventurer who’s really into outdoor excursions, you may be familiar with the occasional cut or scrape. If you haven’t got sufficient first aid with you, you can fold your bandana and apply pressure, wrap an injured limb or tie two together to fashion a temporary sling.


4.     Stand Out

And we mean this in more ways than one! A brightly-coloured bandana can spruce up any outfit and will show that you’re no stranger to adventures. If you’re heading out into the unknown solo, a brightly coloured bandana is also a good idea to ensure you get seen if you get into trouble. The bandana truly encompasses fashion and safety all in one! What’s not to love about that? 


5.     Handling Hot Things

Any camping fan will tell you that one of the most important elements of being prepared lies in foodstuff. While camping overnight, you’ll likely have a fire or some way to heat food. If you need to serve up food from a hot pan, you can protect your hands by folding up your bandana and use it as a handy oven mitt!


6.     Sun Protection

Long, challenging days in the sun often mean getting a little sunburned. Fortunately, your bandana can help shade your face or cover unprotected areas of your head. A sunburned scalp is no fun at all, so avoid it at all costs with plenty of sunscreen and a bandana!


7.     Drying Off Sweat

This one’s more functional than glamorous, but bandanas make great sweatbands. If you’re out fishing, camping, or hiking and start sweating, fold your bandana and tie it around your wrist. Then you can use it like a tennis player’s sweatband. 


8.     A Light Face Mask

Of course, face masks are everywhere these days, so having one handy in case you need to stop at a store is always handy. But if you like heading outside for your exercise, using a bandana as a face mask can cover your nose and mouth to help warm air on very cold days, without the bulk of a scarf which can make you overheat.


9.     Cover Up a Bad Hair Day

Whether you prefer the gym to the wilderness, or would spend every weekend camping if you could, a bandana is super handy if you have longer hair. If you’ve got a sweat on, haven’t had a chance to wash your hair, or both, a bandana can act as a quick and easy cover up. You won’t have to worry about looking a little less than put together when you head into the supermarket after an intense workout, nor on day 4 of camping! 


Shyface bandanas are so versatile – they make your outdoor adventures easier, more comfortable, and more stylish.

At Shyface, all our bandanas are made with 100% cotton, one of the most breathable and skin-friendly fabrics on the market which make them perfect for all the purposes we outlined above (and more!). Whether you’re going for a jog or heading to meet some friends, Shyface bandanas offer a stylish and multi-functional option for everyone. Our bandanas look great on people of all ages, style preferences and genders! No matter how you plan to style your bandana, we’ve got the colour and pattern to suit you.

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